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At Barebells, we are committed to sourcing from suppliers who share the business’ ethics and principles, and apply them throughout the supply chain. We are guiding our collaboration with suppliers on a Supplier Code of Conduct, which we urge all our suppliers to follow. It covers three general areas: Labour Standards & Human Rights, Anti-bribery and Corruption, and Environmental Standards. In addition to this, we are also signing commercial agreements governing other ethics and quality of production.

Just as important as providing the UK with amazing snacks, is compensating for the emissions caused by the transport of getting them from us to you, and furthermore, caring for the communities that we operate in and the people that are a part of them.


We’re constantly working on reducing our carbon footprint by overseeing everything from our product packaging, transportation, business travels, production, storage, offices, to the waste from our packaging. Right now, we are supporting an exciting and beneficial Hyrdropower project in Lao PDR. The project produces secure, reliable and affordable energy to facilitate continued, low carbon sustainability. This will benefit the local economy by providing jobs but most importantly reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. To read more about the project click HERE.